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We ENVISION a society where women’s choices are not limited and decisions are not constrained by gender. Our MISSION is to to empower women and girls through the arts, storytelling and capacity building. We create opportunities to commission and feature work by female artists and writers. We promote female creatives and help make connections between mentors and students, creating and growing a diverse network of compassionate support.

We BELIEVE that team work makes the dream work! That behind every great woman is a great woman. Art is essential. Creativity is a solution. Stories have the power to change the narrative. We must prepare for the future starting today.


Once upon a time in the land of the Bengal tigers...

Told over the span of 1000 years, HerStories explores the lives of 21 outstanding women of Bengal and present day Bangladesh. Educationalists, poets, athletes, artists and activists, the heroines of HerStories are home-grown role models for future generations.

The project is a collaboration of over 30 university researchers, illustrators and writers, bringing to life tales of great ambition, daring and intelligence. Each of the HerStories characters is a catalyst of change, breaking new ground and laying the way for others.



We are dedicated to using art as a tool to change mindsets and gender stereotypes. By engaging artists from different mediums and generations to tell these stories, we create a dynamic connection to the past. By popularizing our home-grown female role-models we aim to activate the potential of future

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Motivational material for girls, boys and their parents, based in Bangladesh.


Events for and about women around the world

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