HerStories: The Adventures of Supergirls was published at the annual Dhaka Lit Fest. The illustrated children’s book included 21 stories of exceptional women of Bengal and present-day Bangladesh (from the astrologer and poet Khana to weightlifter Mabia Akhter). The book was created by a team of over 30 researchers, illustrators, designers, writers, translators and editors. It is available in English and in Bangla and has gone through 3 print runs. We produced a short video about the book to communicate its objectives and spirit.

In 2018, we produced the second volume of HerStories: The Adventures of Supergirls. Both volumes of the HerStories series are now available in English and Bangla, distributed throughout Dhaka and Chittagong, available online through HerStory Foundation, as well as leading book retailer Rokomari. The books are of a very high-quality, hard-cover and printed with child-friendly, non-toxic ink to comply with regulations for children’s publications.

Today, the books are being used by parents and educators to teach the history of the region through a gender lens. The stories are short and contain a moral lesson that children can incorporate into their approach to life.

  • HerStories:Adventures of Supergirls, Volume 1 (English)
  • Published: November 2017
  • Print-run:1250 copies
  • HerStories:Adventures of Supergirls, Volume 1 (Bangla)
  • Published:May 2018
  • Print-run:1750 copies
  • HerStories: Adventures of Supergirls, Volume 2 (English)
  • Published:November 2018
  • Print-run:1250 copies
  • HerStories:Adventures of Supergirls, Volume 2 (Bangla)
  • Published:November 2019
  • Print-run:500 copies
  • HerStories:Mini Pamphlet Series (Bangla)
  • Published:January 2020

A mini series of the original HerStories, with 7 books, each containing 6 stories from the original series in Bangla.