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Dhaka American Women’s Club (DAWC) Charity Grant For International Women’s Day 2019
HerStory Foundation is the recipient for the charity grant organized by Dhaka American Women’s Club (DAWC). The donation based grant was awarded for being a South Asian, female-led social initiative that work with rights and gender equality. 

IPDC Finance and Standard Chartered Bank, 2019
As sponsors for our HerStory Reading Fellowship program 2019, we received two grants to fund part of the training of 20 students from Dhaka University and IUB, to train them in performance reading. Fellows from the program are reading the stories at the ‘Incredible Read-Aloud’ sessions in underserved schools, across Dhaka.

EMK Small Grant Award 2018
HerStory Foundation was awarded the EMK Small Grant Award for Public Service and the Arts in 2019. Every year, the grant is awarded to individuals or groups who take an active part in volunteerism, women’s empowerment, education, community development, youth engagement, entrepreneurship and arts related projects in Bangladesh. The HerStories Unit Plan was awarded the grant, and the Foundation produced the complementary teaching tool for HerStories, along with an animation, followed by a 2 day-long training session for 17 teachers from Bangla, English, and Madrasa medium schools. 


HerStories at Beijing+25 Review in Bangkok, United Nations, ESCAP 2019
HerStories held an exhibition of the Supergirls at the Asia-Pacific Ministerial Conference on Beijing+25 Review in Bangkok to promote the positive stories of female role-models from Bangladesh as a reflection on the achievements since the Beijing Declaration. With delegations from 53 countries, it was a proud moment for HerStory Foundation to be able to represent not only Bangladesh, but ‘her stories’ – the narratives of incredible Bangladesh Supergirls that deserve to be told and shared.


HerStories: Adventures of Supergirls, Volume 1 (English)
Published:  November 2017
Print-run: 1250 copies

HerStories: Adventures of Supergirls, Volume 1 (Bangla)
Published: May 2018
Print-run: 1750 copies

HerStories: Adventures of Supergirls, Volume 2 (English)
Published: November 2018
Print-run: 1250 copies

HerStories: Adventures of Supergirls, Volume 2 (Bangla)
Published: November 2019
Print-run: 500 copieS

HerStories Mini Pamphlet Series (Bangla)
Published: January 2020
A mini series of the original HerStories, with 7 books, each containing 6 stories from the original series in Bangla.


Our Partners

HerStory Foundation works alongside the government, local NGOs, communities and donors, making collaborative effort an essential part of how we achieve success. We try to harness the cumulative strengths of partner organisations, to ensure that every community has the best solution to their problems. 

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