OUR Ongoing projects

HerStories Mini Book pack
The Foundation is working on launching low-cost HerStories pamphlet priced at Tk100 each, so the stories will be more accessible for the masses. While the first two volumes of HerStories had 20 stories each, we are now creating smaller booklets in Bangla, containing 5-6 HerStories and an introduction dedicated to a common topic of the stories (eg. ambition, vision, spirit). 7 booklets are in the works, to be priced below Tk100 each, to increase the reach and impact of these narratives.  The mini book pack will be available at Ekushey Boi Mela 2020, as well as being available on our FB page. 

Children’s Book of Rights
HerStory Publications is currently working on a first-of-its-kind children’s book on rights. The young adult book about human rights will be developed in Bangla and English, and is meant to be a resource for children, to be used for self-protection and advancement. The narrative will be friendly and accessible following the story of the development of laws in Bangladesh, supported by anecdotes, case studies, and humorous illustrations.

Taramon is HerStory Foundation’s latest venture and aims to serve the information needs of urban women. The content is targeted towards women aged 18 - 45 and is focused on well-being, relationships, lifestyle and social issues concerning women that are relevant to the context of Bangladesh. Taramon aims to inspire, inform, and engage women of different ages and backgrounds by providing interesting and informative written and visual content that can help women navigate their various social and personal challenges. It is a space for women to express themselves, showcase their successes, and build a supportive network. Content on the blog intends to generate discussion and challenge sexist social narratives by presenting a female perspective.

HerStory Reading Fellowship 

In September 2019 the HerStory Reading Fellowship was launched in partnership with the Women and Gender Studies Department of Dhaka University and Independent University Bangladesh (IUB). The one-year program has trained 17 Fellows to read HerStories: Adventures of Supergirls, a series of illustrated children’s books about the lives of exceptional women from Bangladesh and Bengal, in engaging ways and to host discussions about gender equality, life-planning and respect. The stories are read to students of class VI from underserved communities, to guide them through discussions of key topics such as social responsibility and civil rights etc. This creative form of storytelling allows them to learn key decision making skills, framing their views of themselves, of gender roles as well as the world around them.

During the year-long program fellows are linked to schools / adolescent clubs where they host the Read-Alouds. The Baunya – Badh adolescent club is one of the partner clubs for this program. This is a pilot project that has reached 10 underserved communities and approximately 500 people in Dhaka. For the second cohort in 2020, the Foundation aims to double that number.

UNDP, Bangladesh

Project name: Transformers
(An illustrated children’s book by UNDP on Bangladesh’s youth changemakers)

In October 2019, on behalf of UNDP, HerStory Foundation launched a nationwide search to find Bangladesh’s most exemplary change makers, to have their stories featured in an illustrated children’s book to be distributed nationwide. The call for nominations encourages youth leaders that have addressed any one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), driving dialogue, action and/or change to apply. Winning nominations of 17 trailblazing youths and their work is going to be honoured and celebrated in the form of an illustrated children’s book, to be distributed in 1500 schools nationwide. As implementation partner, HerStory Foundation is in charge of managing the call for nominations, book content and design as well as the activation campaign. 

Terre des hommes
Project name: Smart Girls - Online Education Campaign

This project builds on the best practices of a concluded project ‘Jukta Hoe Mukta (JHM)– United We Stand’, funded by TDH Italia and implemented by ARBAN in Baunya-Badh slum from 2016 to 2019. The intervention aimed to empower girls by connecting them through a directory app. Twenty adolescent girls were given smartphones and were linked to a community of 200 normal phone holders (all girls) who were in turn connected to other 10 girls (with or without phones) in the slum, reaching out a total of 2,220 direct beneficiaries. This campaign taps into the self-protective skills of 20 young women (Team Leaders – TL), already connected through an online network in Baunya-Badh slum of Dhaka, and engage them in leading an on and off-line awareness campaign in online safety for women. The online campaign entails 10 videos of the TLs talking about how they stay safe online. It carefully targets 200,000 new female users below 22 years of age. In parallel, a 3-part workshop with 20 girls and boys of the same community will be run, culminating in a theater production to raise awareness on cyber violence.

American International School/Dhaka
Service Learning club partnership

Since 2019, we have partnered with AISD’s public service program for middle school students. The Foundation is currently developing a community service awareness campaign, educating students about the different ways they can serve their communities. As a partner, HerStory Foundation is building a comprehensive schedule to encourage more students to learn and engage in volunteer work with HerStory Foundation.