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Telling stories

Though there are scores of women who have made significant contributions to the growth and development of Bangladesh, their stories, struggles, and influence are often missing or underrepresented in the media and in education. We believe that stories have the power to change the world. Therefore, we are collecting, preserving and telling stories about women that changed the rules of the game, thereby challenging gender stereotypes and rebuilding narratives through different mediums. 

By commissioning and featuring the work of female writers and artists we are supporting and promoting female creative professionals and building meaningful support systems. 


Taramon Blog 


HerStories Volumes 1 and 2, written for children of different ages in English and Bangla, feature 42 Illustrated stories about trailblazing women from Ancient Bengal to present-day Bangladesh. They showcase positive female role models so that young girls can aspire to dream big and boys can develop respect and understanding.


Taramon aims to inspire, inform, and engage women of different ages and backgrounds by providing interesting and informative written and visual content that can help women navigate their various social and personal challenges. It is a space for women to express themselves, showcase their successes, and build a supportive network. Content on the blog intends to generate discussion and challenge sexist social narratives by presenting a female perspective. 


Teaching Thinking

While literacy rates in Bangladesh average at a high 72.89%*, schooling often falls short to prepare students for a fast-changing society and equip them with the skills necessary for well-being and employment. These include a growth mindset, higher-order cognitive skills (creativity, problem solving etc.), socioemotional and noncognitive skills (resilience, team-works, conflict resolution etc.), and citizenship. To address the gap between learning and schooling, we have developed a series of training courses for teachers and students to equip them with crucial life skills for the future. We believe in stories and the act of reading as a transformative experience. We are nurturing a team of Readers and a whole network of Listeners through our trainings and Fellowship.

*UNESCO, 2017


Fellowship program

Teaching tools and training

In Reading Circles, we read the HerStories to children across Dhaka. Our readers are trained to share the adventures of Supergirls with readers of class III and up. During the session we talk about passion, determination, challenges, justice and cricket. We believe that through the positive reinforcement of storytelling we can nurture empathy, respect and self-reliance. Readings are engaging, entertaining, and inspiring!


Designed for university students, the year-long Fellowship focuses on gender studies, history, storytelling, rights, performance and public service. 

Fellows will be trained to read the HerStories books to school children (class V, VI, VII). Graduates of the program will become HerStory Readers / Trainers. Listeners will be actively engaged through performance and discussion, developing their listening skills and world view. 

HerStories are brought to life in the classroom by readers and teachers through interactive story sessions and unique teaching materials. 


Through the Teaching HerStories Training, we prepare educators to deliver theatrical readings of HerStories, engage students in meaningful discussions on gender and  gender-sensitive classroom management and new methodologies to foster independent and curious learners.